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Every interaction with a prospect matters & needs to be as impactful as possible. That’s why at Pleo we use Salesroom. Salesroom frees our AEs to give the best sales experience they can. That’s incredibly valuable for us and our prospects.
Eoin O'Liathain
Eoin O'Liathain
Sales Director, Pleo
To win in today's market, salespeople need to differentiate. With most of our sales now conducted virtually, salespeople are coming up with creative ways to capture the imagination of our customers and inspire change through the confines of digital screens. A product like Salesroom is built on the premise that, sales done well, will enhance the lives of those who are willing to bet on differentiated experiences to accelerate and innovate.
Irwing Antonio
Eric Lee
Account Executive, Twilio
Salesroom is a key platform for sales teams to really convey an authentic and genuine way of selling. Creating 1-3 mins long highlights reel of an entire sales conversation is a game-changer.
Peter Ahn
Peter Ahn
VP of Enterprise, Twingate
Salesroom is a game-changer for our rapidly growing team. Recording meetings in a compliant and privacy-aware way allows me to coach my reps to identify gaps and strengthen follow-ups without breaking trust with buyers.
Dean Locke
Dean Locke
Head BD and US Ops, Resistant.AI
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AI coaching that's sales intelligent.

Get seamless meeting framework, airtime analysis, question detection, and next step detection in real-time to help ensure the smartest, smoothest pitch.


Empower your creativity and expertise.

Salesroom complements your skillset with actionable data and analysis to help drive successful pitches. We also make it easy to share content, context, and insights from meetings.

Fully Integrated with:

100% turn-key and always secure.

Sales is a performance game, which is why Salesroom is ready to run when you are, providing an intuitive interface that informs and adapts. And security is always our top priority.

Tools designed to drive your business.

Whatever sales process or framework you're using (MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, SPICED, BANT), our innovative features help you and your team own the video experience and build momentum with every meeting.

Create content-rich conversations.
Be in the moment, not just on the call.
Go from great to groundbreaking.
Customize to any and every prospect.
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