Create content-rich conversations.

Salesroom’s high-fidelity video chat experience goes beyond the call.

High-Fidelity A/V for Meetings

Salesroom supports up to 4K video quality because every detail matters in sales conversations. We optimize ​​video encoding resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.

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Shareable Video Highlights and Recaps

We record your meeting highlights, you share them with prospects and clients to stay top-of-mind and help extend the conversation.

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Go from great to

Real-time insights and airtime analysis keep you informed and allow you to make adjustments mid-call.

Real-Time Insights

Live feedback into what your buyers are thinking lets you tailor to their needs in real time— getting you to the finish line in fewer meetings.

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Airtime Analysis

Our ML engine will learn your behavior and communication style over time/meetings and suggest improvements in real time.

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People Intelligence

We create an org chart for every sales cycle/opportunity, so salespeople can better understand how to navigate the conversation.

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Meeting Hub

One source for all your meeting's data, shared moments, recordings, highlights, and engagement score. Accessible for your team and prospects.

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Be in the moment, not just on the call.

Salespeople should be free to focus on customer interactions, not on note-taking.

Agenda, Question, and Key Topic Detection

When recording, questions are collected in the sidebar. You can mark as answered, pin, and/or delete them.

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Live Transcription

Effortless meeting transcription allows you to stay present in the conversation instead of scribbling down notes.

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Stay on Script

Maximize time and efficiency by ensuring you get all the answers you need based on your qualification framework - MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, BANT, or create your own.

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Customize to any and every prospect.

From the lobby to the meeting room, foster a personal experience with the buyer that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Reception and Lobby

Custom lobby backgrounds give every prospect a first impression that’s second-to-none.

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Adaptable Virtual Rooms

The floating video feature on Salesroom allows you to pop out another participant's video so you can stay focussed on the prospects who matter most.

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In-Browser Functionality

We built Salesroom with zero downloads in mind, so you can start adopting the platform efficiently and with little friction to you and your buyers.

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Break through the noise and make some of your own.

We’re ready to help you take your next pitch to the next level!

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