[Early Stage] POC Check-in

Validate & Understand the path to closing

[Early Stage] POC Check-in

Validate fit to address pain

  • How easy was it to get started with our product?
  • How high is the adoption of our product so far?
  • Based on your experience so far, how does our product align with expectations/what you were looking for?
  • Based on your experience so far, where does our product fall short of expectations when it comes to solving your pain?
  • Which problems are still unresolved at this point?

Understand the path to close the deal

  • Based on where we are now, what happens next from your perspective?
  • What are the remaining steps in your evaluation?
  • Your colleagues [those identified earlier as important stakeholders - name them and their role], what's the process for getting them involved in the next steps?

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