POC Setup

January 10, 2023

The agenda of a POC setup call meeting should focus on clarifying the purpose and objectives of the meeting, discussing the timeline and responsibilities of all participants, outlining the services or products that will be discussed during the meeting, agreeing upon the setup process and associated requirements, and finally determining the next steps and follow-up activities.

POC Setup

Recap of the previous meeting

  • Summary of the uncovered pain points - is there anything I missed?
  • Summary of action items from the previous meeting - is anything still outstanding?

Decision making

  • What's the process for trying new technology in your company?
  • Who would feel left out if they weren't included in making this decision?
  • Which other projects are lined up right now that compete for your attention?

Defining success

  • Which aspects of our value proposition are you looking to test to validate the effectiveness?
  • Is there any area where our product falls short from your perspective?
  • How quickly can you see that our product is having a positive impact?
  • What's the best way to get this project started on the right foot?
  • If the POC is successful, what needs to happen to proceed to full deployment?

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