November 14, 2022

MEDDIC is a sales qualification framework used by sales professionals to help identify and qualify potential sales opportunities. It is an acronym that stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion

MEDDIC can help ensure that the meeting is organized and focused, and that all relevant issues are discussed and resolved in a timely manner. It can also help prevent the meeting from going off-topic or running long.


MEDDIC's objective is to help you sell more by having better control of the sales process. The method invites you to question what you know about your prospects and to position them at the heart of the process.



  • Can we agree that improving these areas will save you time, increase productivity, and grow revenue?
  • If we make these changes, what % improvement could be seen?
  • If we improved by that %, how much new revenue would your business save or generate?
  • Understand the ROI expected by your prospects.

Economic buyer

  • Identify who will give the validation to buy your solution
  • What’s your vision for using our solution? And what does a successful outcome look like?
  • What are your current pain points?
  • Is there anyone else involved with the final-stage buying process?

Decision criteria

  • Technical criteria: Do you know if your product or solution fits well into your prospect’s infrastructure?
  • Financial criteria: What is the annual budget your prospect has set aside for an additional investment?
  • Product criteria: Is your product or solution better than another? How? Why?
  • Advice criteria: How can you guide your prospect so that she feels better supported by your sales team rather than another?

Decision process

  • What is your company’s decision-making process once a solution meets your decision criteria?
  • Roughly, how long does the decision-making process take?
  • Are purchasing decisions made after a common reflection between different departments of the company? If so, which departments?
  • How long will the decision take in each department?
  • Who is involved during this decision-making process?
  • Does the company have to fill in legal/technical documents? If so, can you help it in this process?

Identify pain

  • Create a list of the organization’s problems and explain why and how you can help solve them.
  • Feed your discussions with testimonials from companies that have remained inactive and are now paying the consequences.
  • Be concrete with figures: consequences on turnover, brand image, or production delays caused.
  • Verify that the prospect knows your solutions and that she is convinced by your ability to help him/her.


  • Identify the individual most affected by the problem you are going to solve
  • Who is the end-user that is getting the biggest benefits?
  • Who is leaning in and giving all the verbal cues in your presentations?

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