Sales Manager & SDR Check-in

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Sales Manager & SDR Check-in
January 10, 2023

This template can be used by sales managers and account executives (AEs) to organize and structure their regular check-in meetings. 

The goal of using this template is to help ensure that the meeting is productive and focused, and that both the manager and the AE have the information and support they need to succeed in their roles. This template can be customized to fit the specific needs and goals of the sales team.

Sales Manager & SDR Check-in

Recap & follow-up

  • Actions agreed at the last check-in
  • Status of those actions
  • If actions are carrying over, what is the blocker?


  • Which accounts are currently in the active outreach sequence?
  • Who are we attempting to contact at those accounts?
  • Which accounts have we actually connected with? How responsive are our prospects overall?
  • Which accounts have we been able to schedule meetings with?
  • How efficient have our activities been since last check-in? If there is a significant difference, what can it be attributed to?

Accepted opportunities

  • Which SAOs were submitted to AEs since our last check-in?
  • What have we learned from accepted or rejected opportunities this week that would be helpful to share with the team?

Activities & coaching

  • What has worked for you in progressing leads down the pipeline since our last check-in? What hasn’t worked very well?
  • Where are you seeing the biggest drop-off right now?
  • What shall we work on to help you get even better?

Rep concerns

  • How can your manager / team help you reach your goals, in addition to helping remove the blockers identified earlier?

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