VP Sales & Manager Check-in

November 16, 2022

VP Sales & Manager Check-in

VP Sales & Manager Check-in

Recap & follow-up

  • Actions agreed at the last check-in
  • Status of those actions
  • If actions are carrying over, what is the blocker?


  • What is our forecast for the quarter? What has changed since last check-in?
  • What have we booked quarter-to-date?
  • Which are the largest deals that may swing the forecast? How can we work together to get them over the line?
  • Do we have any major customers at risk of churn? Which actions can we take to intervene?


  • Did we win or lose any major customers since our last check-in that I should know about?
  • Are we seeing any new competitors in live or recently closed deals or any new messaging from existing competitors?


  • If there is any open headcount, what’s the status on the hiring pipeline?
  • Do we have reps with flight risk? What can be done to mitigate it?
  • What does rep-level attainment look like? Are any reps struggling? Which coaching steps can we take to help them get back on track?
  • How is the mood in the team? Are there any concerns or blockers we need to discuss?

Professional Development

  • Check in with progress from the last professional development discussion
  • Does the manager need any help in reaching their goals?

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