Salesroom vs Zoom

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Salesroom vs Zoom: Elevating Your Virtual Sales Meetings

Ever tried to host a sales meeting on a platform better suited for a virtual tarot card reading? That's Zoom for you. Welcome to the comparison of Zoom and Salesroom, where we highlight why Salesroom is the smart choice for sales professionals.

Salesroom vs zoom

The Salesroom Edge 

Sure, Zoom can connect people. But can it give your sales meetings an edge? Salesroom isn't just a connecting tool, it's a sales powerhouse with features like automatic meeting syncing, real-time collaboration, and post-meeting analysis.


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Save 2 Hours Every Week

Literally 10 times better than using a Zoom or Google meet. This looks sort of like Gong but it has a fresh take.

Running Discovery meetings and sales meeting and customer feedback or interviews all used to be a pain where I was using Google Meet and typing up notes. This makes the meeting feel more unique or branded and I'm able to send follow ups back to my client very quickly. These AI summaries are almost creepily good and it saves nicely with my Deals.

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