Buying made better

Virtual goes vibrant with Salesroom’s engaging augmented video conferencing, robust and contextual calendaring, and integrated opportunity tracking that sharpens your approach at every touchpoint. Give your customers the reins to record relevant moments in your calls that they can share with their colleagues. Facilitate decision-making with collaborative in-meeting note-taking that helps buyers achieve consensus within their teams. Buyers can bank on better with Salesroom, featuring immersive interactions and an intuitive interface that lets them optimize their experience to meet their objectives.

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Video Conferencing

Pitch perfect

Make the most of your airtime with video conferencing that reflects your personality and engages your buyers. Real-time coaching keeps you focused on what matters so you can capture your audience with confidence. Digitally dial up the energy with picture-in-picture demonstrations, interactive note-taking, real-time screen-grabbing for custom highlight reels, and a collection of virtual rooms catered to different touchpoints.


Prepped and personalized

Introducing a calendar that keeps you on your toes. Displaying vital information about your meetings—from contextual information on buyer participants to meeting goals and pre- and post-meeting checklists—Salesroom’s calendar promotes better preparation and stronger buyer-seller alignment.


For AEs who account for everything

Craft a customer journey that delights and impresses buyers with the support of Salesroom’s enhanced opportunity tracking. Our augmented CRM framework helps you qualify your pipeline efficiently. Collaborative goal-setting capabilities usher prospects comfortably through the sales cycle and put you and your buyers on the same page at every stage.

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