5 Tips To Help You Crush Your Q4 Quota

Roy Solomon
5 Tips To Help You Crush Your Q4 Quota
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“How can I do more?”

41% of sellers are asking themselves this question as they prepare for the end of the year.

Most will navigate slashed budgets and conservative spending.

Some will try to find success in more outbound activity.

Few will dig deeper into their current pipeline.

Here are five ways you can start recession-proofing your sales and improving your discovery calls:

⭐️ Win the first impression

It takes as little as one second to make a first impression. Prepare ahead by strategically setting up your background, silencing notifications, and knowing how to start the conversation.

Details matter.

Your buyer is sick of talking about the weather.

💔 Make them feel the pain

You know, the pain of not having your product. Present unquestionable ROI and show how your product can help the buyer do one of three things: Deliver their product, sell their product, or run their company. Success happens when the buyer leaves the call with a your-product-shaped hole in their heart.

👍 Accurately qualify leads as a good fit

Your job is to leave the call with one answer: are they a right fit or not? Nothing puts a lead off more than forcing a product that won't add value to their business. Try asking 3-4 specific qualifying questions, like: What tools do you currently use for achieving X? How are those tools working? What could be improved?

💼 Get the decision-maker involved

Before your next meeting, look at the attendee list and ask yourself if those stakeholders can make a purchase. If not, who else needs to be involved in the next meeting? Find out their names, and know whom to ask for. By connecting with decision-makers, the risk of losing the deal dramatically decreases.

✉️ Cherish leads with effective follow-up

In a downturn market, follow up with urgency and prioritization. This is an essential part of recession-proofing your sales. Effective follow-ups are personalized and have action-oriented prompts. When you reach out to the decision-makers, remind them about the pain they felt during the call and why they need you.

When you ask, “How can I do more?” this is it.

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