Leveling Up in 2024: 12 Sales Professionals Share Their New Year's Resolutions for Success

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Leveling Up in 2024: 12 Sales Professionals Share Their New Year's Resolutions for Success
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As the calendar turns to a new year, sales professionals are gearing up for fresh opportunities, challenges, and triumphs. The beginning of a new year marks a time for reflection, growth, and setting ambitious goals to propel careers to greater heights. 

In this article, we've reached out to sales experts across industries to discover their New Year's resolutions – those pivotal commitments that will guide them toward success, both professionally and personally.

Join us as we unveil the strategies, aspirations, and determination that will shape the sales landscape in 2024. It's time to set sail into the new year with purpose and determination, armed with the insights of seasoned sales leaders who are ready to conquer new horizons.

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Have Purpose-Driven Conversations

Sales Pro: Chelsea Norstedt

Head of Growth, Goalster


Have a reason for each conversation.

In the world of sales, every conversation is an opportunity. Chelsea's resolution to have a purpose for each interaction is not just a goal; it's a strategy for success. By ensuring every conversation serves a specific purpose, sales professionals can maximize their impact and build meaningful connections with prospects and clients.

Redefine Demand and Think BIG

Sales Pro: Stuart Dale

Partner / Founder, Blissgrowth


Build demand differently to how it has been done over the last 10 years. The predictable revenue model relying heavily on BDR and human capital to build revenue has gone. Demand generation, intent and incredible marketing is the requirement for businesses to win in this current market. Push your BIG idea, communicate your BIG credibility and make your offer a top priority for your buyer.

Stuart's resolution reflects the changing landscape of sales. Shifting away from traditional models, he emphasizes the need for innovative demand generation, strategic intent, and powerful marketing. In a world evolving at a rapid pace, staying ahead means pushing bold ideas, showcasing credibility, and making your offer a top priority. 

Focus on Value-Packed Interactions

Sales Pro: David Hughson

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Remofirst


1. We exist in a competitive industry so it is essential that we make the most of every customer interaction. I want to ensure we continue to pack as much value and that we are as informative as we can be in our first meetings with customers. (and coaching via Salesroom helps us do this at scale!)

2. We plan to continue to diversify our GTM channels in 2024 and we’re gearing up for that now. We want to place a few bets in Q4 that, if executed correctly, will set us up for success in 2024. Specifically leveraging the referral channel and continuing to expand our investment in content that is helpful and relevant to our audience

3. This isn’t a resolution as much as words we live by. We’ve fully abandoned old school sales tactics to win business. There is no pushy pitch, no BS about our competitors' faults… We respect our customers too much to play those games and we realize how well informed they are. We’d rather spend 30 minutes providing insight and ensuring alignment and we’re finding that the rest takes care of itself!

David's resolutions highlight the essence of customer-centricity and strategic evolution. Focusing on value-packed interactions, diversified GTM channels, and a commitment to authenticity, Remofirst is setting the stage for a successful 2024. Cheers to meaningful customer connections and staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of sales!

Build Credibility, Lead by Example

Sales Pro: Sara Archer

Vice President of Sales, ChartMogul


In 2024, I'm going to learn more about data engineering and analytics. ChartMogul's sales culture requires that we be credible when it comes to data models and scoping integrations. I'd like to learn a little bit of SQL and Python to further my technical sales skills and lead by example.

Sara's commitment to expanding her technical expertise reflects ChartMogul's dedication to excellence. By embracing tech like SQL and Python, she not only enhances her leadership but also sets a valuable example for the sales team. What could you do to boost your credibility in 2024?

Take a Prescriptive Sales Approach

Sales Pro: Sean Marshall

Managing Partner, Perkins Cove Partners


To help more companies leverage a PLG + sales GTM motion. As CAC continues to rise and our friends at Google make it harder to reach the inbox, founders & sellers need to think differently about how they gain mindshare and get distribution (efficiently). I'm looking forward to a world with less spray & pray and more creative prospecting and acquisition methods. I think the companies that use their product as a wedge while taking a very prescriptive approach to selling (both direct and through partners) will win. AEs need to spend more time understanding their prospects' businesses, turn their discovery calls into incredibly valuable "learning moments" for their prospects, and consistently show how their products tie back to revenue creation. 
Founders will have to spend more time removing friction from their onboarding and purchasing process, and really think through how to make it easier to get their product in the hands of customers. I'm helping our portfolio companies build this muscle and think through how the role of a salesperson needs to evolve in this type of world. I'd love to be able to say I successfully helped drive this transformation in ALL of our companies by the end of next year!

Sean's dedication to transforming the sales landscape aligns with the evolving dynamics of customer acquisition. His strategic vision emphasizes the power of understanding prospects and aligning product offerings with revenue goals. Here's to a transformative year ahead, where sales professionals navigate the changing tide with creativity and purpose!

Stop Selling and Start Helping

Sales Pro: Russell Bradley-Cook

Senior App Partner Manager, HubSpot


Dan Tyre OG words to live by in 2024: "Stop selling and start helping!"”

Russell's commitment to customer-centricity aligns with the core principles of modern sales. The focus on providing value and assistance resonates strongly with the evolving dynamics of customer relationships. Here's to a year of meaningful connections and impactful assistance in the world of sales!

Say Goodbye to Feature Dumping

Sales Pro: Javier Ortega Estrada

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Veriff


New year resolution for my whole org is to lead every conversation with value and to always understand what are we solving for. (No more feature dumping or assumptions)

Javier's resolution emphasizes a fundamental shift in approach—leading every conversation with value. The focus on understanding the core issues rather than relying on assumptions or feature dumping aligns with the essence of effective sales communication.

Understand the Business Value

Sales Pro: Eddie White

Business Development Google Cloud / GTM Advisor, Google Cloud / PlayBuilt / Keep Financial


Build a GTM motion based on educating sellers on the BUSINESS VALUE of the solution and having sales teams focus on basing their pitch on 50% discovery AT A MINIMUM and what business pain the customer has. When you have listened and learned, deliver a fast time to value offer for that customer to trial.

Eddie's resolution highlights the strategic importance of focusing on the business value of solutions. By prioritizing discovery and understanding the customer's business pain, the sales teams can create more impactful and tailored pitches. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Sales Pro: Monty Robins

Sr. Account Executive, G2


Push yourself to fail at something sales related and document that failure.

Monty's resolution embraces a growth mindset by recognizing the value in failure. Documenting these experiences can be a powerful tool for learning and improvement. We have no doubt that 2024 will be a year full of pushing boundaries, learning from setbacks, and achieving new heights in sales!

Set Goals and Aim High

Sales Pro: Mostafa Nasr

Senior Account Executive, Oyster


1. 2x - President Club. 

2. At least 4 '6 figure deals'. 

3. Stay alive!

Mostafa's ambitious resolutions reflect a commitment to excellence, achievement, and self-improvement. Striving for President's Club, securing significant deals, and honestly, just staying alive are all keys to a balanced and successful sales journey. Think about your own 2024 sales goals… What steps do you need to take to turn them into reality?

Know When to Stay Vs. When to Walk Away

Sales Pro: Daria Danilina
Co-founder & CCO, Salesroom


In 2024, my sales resolution is to be more selective about the opportunities I pursue. When I decide to engage, I aim to go broader and deeper, incorporating a multi-threaded approach for a more comprehensive connection.
As a continuation of this resolution, I'm committed to honing my ability to identify early on whether an opportunity aligns with Salesroom's vision. Learning to gracefully walk away from mismatches and confidently say 'no' when needed will be a crucial part of this growth journey.

Daria's resolution reflects the strategic mindset necessary for effective opportunity management. Her commitment to discernment and purposeful engagement resonates deeply with Salesroom's pursuit of impactful, mutually rewarding partnerships. As we embark on a new year, let's anticipate a journey marked by strategic growth and impactful connections that elevate our shared success!

Never Stop Innovating

Sales Pro: Roy Solomon
Co-founder & CEO, Salesroom


1. Look further and deeper at the role AI might have in Sales for the Salesroom sales motion and for our customers. The market continues to evolve at an amazing pace and LLM's are getting more contextual so I'm positive the impact it would make on our sales cycle going to be immense. 

2. Looking for a better tradeoff between scale, speed, and being bespoke.  It's much easier building outreach campaigns nowadays, but it doesn't mean more = better. I would like us to differentiate further in every touchpoint. 

3. Better utilize our customers in Sales. Our best customers in 2023 found us via a customer referral. I would love to launch a more robust program that fosters those referrals.

Roy's resolutions mirror the innovative spirit driving Salesroom's success. Exploring the potential of AI in sales, optimizing the balance between scale and personalization, and harnessing the power of customer referrals showcase a strategic approach to continuous improvement.

That's a Wrap

It's evident that 2024 is going to be a year of transformation, growth, and innovation in the sales landscape. Each resolution that these Sales Pros brought to the table reflects a strategic commitment, an anticipation of industry shifts, and a dedication to excellence.

From purpose-driven conversations to innovative demand generation and technical skill development, the resolutions paint a vivid picture of a sales community ready to embrace challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

So, here's to a new year ahead filled with breakthroughs, meaningful connections, and countless 'aha' moments. The sales journey continues, and we're excited to navigate it together in 2024!

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