Questions that build trust

Roy Solomon
Questions that build trust
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Let’s be honest, how many times did you hear a real answer to the “How are you?” question in a business setting? Yet, people keep asking this question at the beginning of meetings with trusted partners, new prospects and casual calls with our family members. We think there is a better way!

Asking “how are you” doesn’t get us closer to building trust. More than that, we miss out on the opportunity to ask other questions that could help us get to know the people we’re dealing with on a personal basis. For example, during the first few meeting with a new prospect, try to ask them, “Why did you join the company you’re with?”. You are likely to get much more interesting answers than if you asked, “How are you?”.

The obvious challenge is how to get your buyers to open up and engage on a personal level. We find that leading with vulnerability and sharing things about yourself before asking the buyer to reciprocate works best. Going back to the example above, you could say this: “I joined Salesroom because I believe in the power of video to help us build stronger relationships remotely. Why did you join company X?”

As your deal progresses from stage to stage, your relationship with the champion should also. When you’re in the 5th meeting, knowing how long your champion is with the company and their role on the team is no longer enough. You need to know what their relationship is like with their boss, what the company’s top priorities are and who on the buying team is not on your side yet. Good questions will help you get there.

Watch the video below to learn our best tips for using questions to build trust in virtual sales meetings!

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